Rakkas Istanbul Festival

"Biggest & The Best Oriental Dance Festival in Turkey"

21 - 24 June 2019


Rakkas Istanbul Festival hosting “BELLYDANCE STAR” Oriental Dance Competition


*The winnar of Bellydance Star 2019 “RAQS SHARKI” category  will get invitation to

 ... ”


*The winnar of Bellydance Star 2019 “TURKISH STYLE” category will  get invitation to  

... ”


*The winnar of Bellydance Star 2019 “ SHOW FUSION” category will get invitation to

... ”


*The winnar of Bellydance Star 2019 “FOLKLORE” category will get invitation to


Rakkas Istanbul offer you to try your skill and enjoy yourself front of international professional judge !



P.S. The organizers of the festivals will not pay travelling cost, visa , passport cost or Accomodations !


"Bellydance Star" Competition

This competition will take place on the second night of the festival.

The competition will be in two parts : Solo & Group and 4 categories : Raqs Sharki, Turkish Style, Fusion & Show style, Folklore.

You can compete in 2 different category. Like “Raqs Sharki Style” AND/ OR “Turkish Style” OR  “Show/Fusion Style” (can be isis wings, fun veils, sword dance, drum solo, etc)


Fees of the Competition

25€ / 30$ per person for solo

15€ / 20$ per person for group.

(Competition fees can pay in festival hotel to info desk)


Don’t wait to long to take your place in one of the competition.Place is limited !!

For participate to the competitions you need to fill in registration form ( be sure to make your deposit  payment )

!!! Your music must be maximum 3:00 minutes !!!


Tips for this competition: Try to stay in the category with your costume, style, music, choreo, etc

The winner is :

- Will have the title "Bellydance Star 2019" and will be announced on festival website and festival facebook page.

- Will get prize, certificate, crown,...

- Will get invitation to teach and perform in ....

- Will get invitation to ...

- Will get invitation to ...

And many more surprises.




Don't miss this chance to try your skills in front of international master jury and get feedback from them.

You never know maybe you are the "Bellydance Star 2019"

Just belive it and follow your dreams. Because if you belive enough your dreams can come true !!!

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