Rakkas Istanbul Festival

"Biggest & The Best Oriental Dance Festival in Turkiye"

20 - 24 June 2024

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Rakkas Istanbul International Oriental Dance Festival Term & Conditions Policy


Whoever register, pay and participate "Rakkas Istanbul Festival" gives his consent that he agrees to the policy on its website, and will not have any complaints, lawsuits or demand to any of "Rakkas Istanbul Festival" Oriental Dance Festival management or staff regarding the rules of this policy."Rakkas Istanbul Festival" keeps its right the change the policy according to its judgment. "Rakkas Istanbul" will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage, that will occur to an individual, or, any third party, as a result of using the website including any possible lost of income.



1. All travel, insurance and visa requirements are up to the participant’s responsibility. "Rakkas Istanbul Festival" will not be responsible for any health, mental or property damage during the event.

★Registration and Cancellation Policy

2. You will receive a letter of confirmation on the receipt of your registration.

3. 300 euro  booking deposit is required on confirmation of booking to keep all services as required and confirmed. Bank Transfer (+18€) and Credit Card VISA (+12€) are accepted.


4.Reservations may only be cancelled by written notice sent by email

5. If cancellation occurs on your part, you must notify "Rakkas Istanbul Festival" in order to beeligible for refund.

6. If cancellation occurs before paying any deposit, there will not be a cancellation fee.

7. 300 € will be charged when you notify us before 20th January 2024.

8. “Rakkas Istanbul Festival” charges cancellation fees as follows : cancellation after 20th  January 2024 - 50% of the full amount, after  June 1st 2024 - 100% of the full amount.

9. In the unlikely event that it becomes necessary to cancel "Rakkas Istanbul" , a full refund will be issued. We recommend you to purchase refundable airlines tickets.

10. "Rakkas Istanbul Festival" holds the right to cancel or change teacher(s) and will not accept any claims nor refund.

11. The purchase does not include flights and visa arrangements. All travel arranges requirements are up to the traveler's responsibility.

12. "Rakkas Istanbul Festival" management keeps the right to decline or cancel a purchase of an individual for its judgment including the following: If you provided false information, if you act in the way that can hurt the website or a third party, if you acted illegally in the website or if your credit card was blocked or canceled.

★Intellectual Property

13. All of the intellectual property rights, including owner's rights, trade secrets, trade marks etc are "Rakkas Istanbul Festival" property.

14. Do not use, link, copy, duplicate, translate, sell or market any material from the website without "Rakkas Istanbul Festival" consent.

★Confidentiality and Privacy

15. "Rakkas Istanbul Festival" management will do anything in its power to keep all the  consumer details confidential. "Rakkas Istanbul Festival" will not transfer any of the con sumer's information to a third party, and will do so only in the following matters : - If the consumer did anything in order to hurt in the company or any third parties, including the other consumers. If the consumer used the website services for any illegal purposes.If the consumer broke the rules of this policy or any other rules con sumerning this website.If the "Rakkas Istanbul Festival" website received a court order to give the consumer's details.

16. "Rakkas Istanbul Festival" cannot promise a full immunity from invasion of illegal sources to our computers or database. If an illegal third party will invade to our systems, you won't have any complaints, lawsuits etc to " Rakkas Istanbul Festival" website, staff or management.

17. "Rakkas Istanbul Festival" keeps the right to contact you regarding festival updates, future promotions, new events unless the consumer note differently.